Ecotec Heating Ltd | Ventilation

The term ventilation covers many areas of air movement . This could be classed as simple extraction from a break out area, fresh air input and extraction to suit occupancy levels or more involved heat recovery solutions 're-using' potentially wasted heat. We are also able to engineer solutions to offer 'free cooling' in lower ambient conditions considerably improving upon system efficiency and life.

Successful ventilation requires constant air changes within any given area. Vital to the comfort of people and to the efficiency of some processes, it's no longer a question of just opening a window, especially if you want to maintain indoor air quality whilst ensuring the air conditioning or heating systems are used cost effectively.

Ecotec can provide the ideal solution to ventilation problems for all types of commercial environments including offices, retail outlets, restaurants, leisure facilities and industrial premises by offering energy efficient, reliable and user friendly systems.

Statutory ventilation requirements can be met by the installation of a filtered fresh air supply, tempered by heating in the winter months. Combined with extract ventilation to provide the optimum number of air changes to ensure the internal atmosphere is always fresh.

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