Ecotec Heating Ltd | Air Conditioning

This is a term generally used for air conditioning solutions ( heating and cooling ) within office areas even though this can extend to warehouse and other working environments. Comfort cooling parameters are generally designed around 23-24° C with no real attention paid to the relative humidity ( RH ) of the space served (example of simple office comfort cooling installation plan).

We also install systems to meet specialist demands - such as those required by the converging Information Technology and Communications (ICT) Industries. Examples would include systems for computer rooms or data centres which have seen a growth explosion in recent years.

DX (direct expansion) type air conditioning systems are among the most efficient forms of cooling concepts available. They can incorporate VRV / VRF technology ( Variable Refrigerant Volume / Flow ) using inverter technology outlined above. Direct expansion systems produce a cooling effect via a single process of heat exchange and do not use water as a cooling medium which has many advantages, especially when looking at smaller installations.

The following Air Conditioning systems are available:

  • Wall mounted
  • Ceiling suspended
  • Ceiling cassette
  • Floor mounted
  • Heat pump
  • Chilled Water
  • Fresh Air and Extraction

Whatever your requirement, large or small, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02076 890 642